‘ Phil Schneider ‘ the legend !

phil schneider , was the first and only person who came and spoke about ufo’s . As he knew that by telling these things can make him in danger … still he fought and confessed about it .
And the mystery behind his death is not and can’t be suicide … as its known that  he already had lost some of his fingers , then how can he’ll lift a wheel chair and make a knot with rubber with bare hands … hence , not possible !


this is a pic of phil  schneider with his son on november 3 , 1995 .

may his soul rest in peace .

the carl higdon’s humanoid case …. still remains fascinating ! but is it real or hoax ? give me your suggestions below !

date: OCT/25/1974

This amazing encounter
took place at the
Medicine Bow National
Park in Wyoming. Carl
was elk hunting in the
northern section of the
park. As he shot his rifle
at a nearby elk a most
bizarre thing happened.
The bullet traveled in
slow motion as if he had
entered another
dimension it fell to the
snow covered ground
some 50′ away. He felt a
strange sensation over
his body and to his
shock saw a humanoid
entity standing nearby.
The being was quite tall,
over 6′, was clad in a
black jump suit with a
wide belt. The belt was
decorated with six
pointed star emblems of
yellow. He had straight
hair standing out from
his head he had no
eyebrows or chin. He
stood bow-legged with
long arms ending with a
rod like appendages
instead of hands.

It spoke to Higdon
asking him if he was
hungry. The entity threw
Higdon some pills and
said if he took one of
them he would not be
hungry for 4 days,
Higdon did not normally
take pills but he took the
pills the alien gave him
immediately putting one
in his mouth and
swallowing it.
The entity pointed at
Higdon. The next thing
he knew he was enclosed
within a transparent
apparatus with a helmet
on. At that time, 2 more
humanoid entities
appeared and the 5 elk
he was previously
hunting were in a frozen
state. He was told the
aliens were traveling to
their home planet which
was located 163,000 light
years from earth. In a
flash they had arrived
163,000 light years away.
Higdon described the
building occupied
landscape as similar to
that of Seattle. All lit by
a sun of intense power
which made Higdon and
the aliens eyes water.
The next detail that
Higdon could remember
was being back at the
forest and 2½ hours had
elapsed since Higdon
saw the Humanoid
He was in a cold,
disorientated state for
quite some time and he
could not locate his
truck. Finally he found
it 3 miles from were he
had left it. It had been
stuck in a mud hole and
could not get it out so he
radioed for help from
the local sheriff who
arrived at midnight. The
truck was freed by
additional help. Higdon
was found in a state of
panic shouting They
took my elk. He was
taken for medical care
at the local hospital and
his blood showed he had
a highly elevated level of
Vitamins, probably from
the pill he took. The
most amazing factor in
this encounter came
when he found his
tuberculosis scars on his
lungs were gone. Further
investigation of this
showed that Higdons
wife along with two
others had seen a red,
white flashing light in
the area of the sighting.
Leo Sprinkle, Professor
of the Psychology
University of Wyoming,
came to investigate
along with Rick Kenyon
& Rober Hantakes, of
Network Field
Investigators, & Frank
Bourke National Star
They used the method hypnosis and conveyed it is truth .

if suppose its real , then miracle gonna happen … some says these aliens are the human biengs  came from future ….to improve the technology fast .
1,63,000 light years means its so far … but we can reach it … by 2040 or maybe 2070 !

the interesting part is the humanoid named ‘ausso-one‘s character is just like a role of a sci-fi movie , and that pill tells us how much advanced technology are they having .

give me your suggestion here , feel free to ask .

The famous alien abduction “barney & betty” (hill abduction) prooves that aliens do exist .


1961-The Hills: Abducted
by Aliens

Their journey into the
unknown began in New Hampshire
in September, 1961, and would
forever change the course of Ufology.

The Hills were an interracial couple.
Barney, a 39 year-old black man,
worked for the postal service, and
Betty, a 41 year-old white woman,
was a supervisor for the child
welfare department.
Because of Barney’s ulcer problems,
the two had embarked on a vacation
into Canada. On September 19, they
began their journey back home. At
about 10:00 PM, Barney, who was
driving, saw a star which seemed to
move erratically. He told Betty about
it, and they both kept tabs on it as
they drove along.

They were just north of North
Woodstock, when Barney noticed
that the star was moving in a very
unusual manner. When they arrived
at Indian Head, they stopped their
car, and got out to have a better
look. Using binoculars, Barney
zoomed in what he thought was a
star. This was no star! He could
make out different colors of lights
and see several rows of windows
around a flying craft. The object
moved closer, and now Barney could
actually see people inside the ship.

The next thing the Hills recalled was
being frightened by the unusual
flying object, and the occupants
inside of it. Barney scurried back to
the car where Betty was waiting.
They jumped into the car, and raced
down the highway. Looking for the
object, they found that it was now
gone. As they drove on, they began
to hear a beeping sound… once,
then again. Although they had been
driving only a couple of minutes,
they were 35 miles down the road!

Betty and Barney finally arrived
home safely. After seeing the UFO,
the rest of their trip home had been
uneventful. They were tired from
their journey, and immediately went
to bed. When Betty awoke the next
day, she telephoned Janet, her
sister, and told her about the
strange object they had seen. Janet urged her to call Pease Air Force
Base, and tell them what her and
Barney had seen.
After hearing
Betty’s report, Major Paul W.
Henderson said :
“The UFO was also confirmed by our

At least the Hills were not seeing
things, and they were trying to put
the incident behind them. But soon
Betty began to have nightmares. In
her dreams she would see her and
her husband being physically forced
into some type of craft. Before long,
two writers heard about the Hill’s
story, and contacted them. The Hills,
with the aid of the writers, compiled
a time chart of the events of
September 19. There could be no
doubt that the couple had lost
about two hours of time somewhere.

As news of the UFO sighting became
more common place, the Hills were
forced to hide from reporters as
much as possible. Because of the
missing time element, and the
desire to know what, if anything, had
happened during that time, they
decided to contact a psychiatrist.
They decided on Boston psychiatrist
and neurologist, Dr. Benjamin Simon,
well-known in his field. He would
come to play an important role in
the Hill abduction story.

His suggestion for treatment was
regressive hypnosis, which would
hopefully unlock the memories of the
two missing hours of time. His
sessions began with Betty, and soon
Barney followed. After six months of
treatment, it was Simon’s opinion
that the Hills had been abducted
and taken aboard an unknown craft.
Regressive hypnosis, a controversial
treatment, is often used to unlock
lost memories. It has been used in a
number of other alien abduction
cases, including The Buff Ledge
Abduction and The Allagash

Facts remains uncovered
Some of the memories that were
uncovered from the Hills included
that their automobile had stalled on
the road. The UFO had landed in the
middle of the road, and alien beings
came to their car, carrying both
Betty and Barney to the UFO. They
were subjected to various medical
and scientific tests. Before the
aliens released them, they were
hypnotized and ordered to keep
their capture a secret.
Bald-Headed Aliens:
During the intensive regression
sessions, the Hills would describe
their captors as “… bald-headed
alien beings, about five foot tall,
with greyish skin, pear shaped heads
and slanting cat-like eyes.” This
description very much described
what would become known as the
“greys,” now a standard description
for the small beings with large
heads, small mouths, and little or no
ears, and hairless.
Also details were released about the
actual procedures performed on the
Hills. Both physical and mental
experiments were conducted.
Samples were taken of their skin,
hair, and nails. Betty had
gynecological testing, and Barney
reluctantly revealed that sperm
samples were taken from him.
The Betty and Barney Hill case is
still studied and discussed today.
This story is the great evidence of ufo’s & aliens .

Red Alert : Alien species killer shrimps , are looking dangerous !

A North American signal
ALIEN species such as “killer
shrimp” are
invading Britain at a rate never
seen before and placing the
environment and human health
under threat, the Government
has been warned.
The Environmental Audit
Committee, which is
Parliament’s green watchdog,
has claimed Britain needs
better prevention, monitoring
and eradication measures to
fight non-native plants and
In 2012, 1,875 non-native
species were counted in the UK,
282 of which had become
“invasive”. The likes of
Japanese Knotweed, North
American signal crayfish, killer
shrimp, and zebra mussels, can
have a detrimental effect on
the native species they
supplant, as well as on human
health and business.
Other non-native species in
Britain include the grey squirrel
and rhododendrons. A species
is defined as native in Great
Britain if it re-colonised after
the end of the last period of
Joan Walley, the chair of the
committee, admitted more non-
native species were being seen
in Britain than ever before, and
added: “Not all of these species
will become ‘invasive’, but the
ones that do can harm native
wildlife, clog up our waterways,
cause costly problems for
homeowners and sometimes
even harm human health.
“It is too expensive to control
or eradicate all invasive species,
so we have to be smart and
pick the fights that we know
we can win.
“We may just have to live with
grey squirrels and
rhododendrons in much of the
UK, but we can and must
control other invasive species –
like the killer shrimp
devastating eco-systems in our
rivers and lakes.”
The committee is calling for a
change in the law to give the
Government new powers to
eradicate invasive species
before they become established.
The Wildlife and Countryside
Act 1981 prohibits the release
of non-native animals and
plants into the wild, but no-one
has ever been prosecuted under
the law.
It is believed some non-native
animals can also cause
widespread change to native
species, such as the grey
squirrel replacing the red
squirrel across most of Britain.
Grey squirrels cause £10m a
year in damage to trees,
estimated the Country Land
and Business Association (CLA).
The European Environment
Agency estimates invasive
species cost EU countries
£9.9bn a year, while it cost
£11m to eradicate
Rhododendron from one
national park in Wales alone,
according to the CLA.
Some invasive species have
human health effects – anglers
coming into contact with giant
hogweed have received skin
inflammations, while the pollen
of common ragweed causes
The Asian hornet, which has yet
to enter Britain, has killed six
people in France. The insect,
distinguished by its yellow feet,
is smaller than the native
hornet in Britain.

all time malaysian conspiracy theories .

Here are some popular
conspiracy theories:

1. Alien abduction
Social media users have jumped
on the possibility of
extraterrestial life having
something to do with the
missing plane.
One user wrote: “After an
extensive conversation with my
father & his partner, we have
come to the conclusion that the
only explanation is #aliens
Another added: “I secretly
believe that plane is abducted
by aliens.. I know I’m not the
only one..”
And one user even said there
were only two possibilities for
its disappearance, aliens or a
DB Cooper-style heist.
He wrote: “This malaysian
airlines flight has the potential
to be either the greatest heist
since DB Cooper, or alien
abduction. I vote aliens.”

2. A life insurance
The Malaysian police chief has
refused to rule out the
possibility of the missing plane
being an elaborate insurance
Khalid Abu Bakar addressed the
world to provide an update on
the investigation and revealed
authorities are exploring every
single avenue – no matter how
“Maybe somebody on the flight
has bought a huge sum of
insurance, who wants family to
gain from it or somebody who
has owed somebody so much
money, you know, we are looking
at all possibilities,” he said.
The authorities’ investigations
extend to examining every detail
of the passengers for any clues
as to what may have happened.
“We are looking very closely at
the video footage taken at the
KLIA (Kuala Lumpur
International Airport), we are
studying the behavioural
pattern of all the passengers,”
he added.

3. Electronic Warfare
A theory suggesting the plane
was hidden as part of an
experiment has circulated.
Citizens news site
Beforeitsnews.com reported: “It
is conceivable that the Malaysia
Airlines Flight MH370 plane is
‘cloaked’, hiding with hi-tech
electronic warfare weaponry that
exists and is used.
“In fact, this type of technology
is precisely the expertise of
Freescale, that has 20 employees
on board the missing flight.”
It also sparked theories the
plane could have been taken by
North Korea for similarly
unknown purposes.
A reddit user wrote: “There’s no
telling what crazy logic they
[North Korea] might have for
taking a plane. They literally
have no grasp of reality and
have been caught red handed
kidnapping foreigners, making
s**t up and generally being

4. A military take out
or secret weapon at
Conspiracy theory and scientific
site Natural News, run by Mike
Adams, has another theory.
Adams said: “If we never find
the debris, it means some
entirely new, mysterious and
powerful force is at work on our
planet, which can pluck
airplanes out of the sky without
leaving behind even a shred of
He added: “If there does exist a
weapon with such capabilities,
whoever controls it already has
the ability to dominate all of
Earth’s nations with a fearsome
military weapon of unimaginable
He believes the plane fell into
an area “outside the search
zone” and could lead to a very
dark end for Earth.
For the latest news check out
our live blog of events as they
Distraught: Relatives are
waiting for any news

5. Pilot suicide
One explanation for the sudden
disappearance, according to
some, could be pilot suicide.
But so far no evidence has come
to light to suggest either
captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah or
co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid had
such intentions.
John Brennan, head of the US
Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA), told the Daily Mail, when
asked if it was a possibility: “I
think you cannot discount any
It came as Malaysian police said
they were investigating whether
any passengers or crew on the
plane had personal or
psychological problems that
might shed light on the
Malaysian police chief Khalid
Abu Bakar said at a news
conference: “We are looking at
all possibilities.”
Other theorists have claimed
the pilot or crew could have
hijacked the plane themselves.
But Hugh Dunleavy, the
commercial director of Malaysia
Airlines, said the captain in
charge of the flight was a very
seasoned pilot with an
excellent record.
“There have been absolutely no
implications that we are aware
of that there was anything
untoward in either his
behaviour or attitude,” Dunleavy
told Reuters in an interview.
“We have no reason to believe
that there was anything, any
actions, internally by the crew
that caused the disappearance
of this aircraft.”

6. Secretly landed
and turned off
Theorists have suggested
terrorists could have taken
control of the plane and landed
it safely in a secret location.
It would certainly explain why
distraught family members
heard a dial tone when they
tired to call their relatives.
Malaysia’s military announced
on Tuesday it may have tracked
the missing plane on radar
over the Strait of Malacca –
known for its history of pirate
But, adding to the mystery,
Malaysia’s air force chief denied
saying the radar had tracked
the plane so far off course on
Wednesday morning.
The Strait of Malacca is off the
plane’s course however, and it
would mean it flew at least
500m (350 miles) after its last
contact with air traffic control.

7. It’s in an Asian
Bermuda triangle
The idea there could be a
second Bermuda Triangle seems
a popular one on social media.
Its sudden and unexplained
disappearance from radar could
have several explanations,
whether it be a sudden
explosion or mid-air
disintegration, or even a
mechanical failure.
But some theorists believe it
simply means the plane has
entered another Devil’s
Boats and planes have been
known to disappear in the patch
of sea in the North Atlantic
Ocean, known as the Bermuda
Triangle, including Flight 19 in
1945, when five torpedo
bombers mysteriously vanished.
But could there really be
another one?
One Twitter user wrote:
“So…what is up with this
Malaysian airplane thing? Is
there an Asian version of the
Bermuda Triangle?”
Another added: “Maybe there’s
such thing as Asian bermuda
triangle. #Malaysia

8. Terrorists crashed
it into the sea
So far no terrorist groups have
claimed responsibility for the
missing flight, but that hasn’t
stopped theorists claiming it’s
the only explanation.
The two passengers who
boarded the plane with stolen
passports really triggered this
possibility, with many believing
they must be part of a huge
cover up to sink the plane.
Pilot David Learmount, who is
operations and safety editor of
Flight Global magazine, said:
“Something happened and the
pilots did not tell anyone. Why?
It’s a good question.
“It’s extraordinary the pilots
failed to call because they had
plenty of time to. Unless there
was a bomb on board but there
has been no evidence of that.”
Other groups, however, have
claimed responsibility over the
last few days, including an
unknown Chinese group.
An email was sent to various
journalists in China, saying:
“You kill one of our clan, we will
kill 100 of you as payback.”
But officials in Malaysia have
said they believe the group’s
claim could be a hoax.
The email did not explain what
had happened to the plane.

many believed in ufo’s …


recently , they re saying that plane is found , but those are the pieces of some object . no one know what happened to mh370 , hence it’ll be a  mystery !
i mostly believe in ET’s .

UFO abductee CALVIN still haunted on 40 (age)

Calvin Parker Jr says he was
inspected by a giant eye, but it was
the examination at home that forced
him from the spotlight.


Forty years ago, the Pascagoula
incident, in which two men said they
encountered an unidentified flying
object and its occupants, made
headlines across America and
sparked a new wave of reports of
UFO sightings.
Now, the sole survivor of the case
says he is still grappling with an
encounter that turned his life
upside down.
Calvin Parker Jr said he harboured
doubts about his encounter with
what he said were grey, wrinkly-
skinned and crab-clawed creatures.

He dodged the spotlight for
This is something I really didn’t
want to happen,” Mr Parker told the
AP news agency.

He has spent decades moving
around and changing jobs to avoid
the unwanted attention.
Mr Parker was 18 when, on October
11, 1973, he went fishing with his
friend, the late Charles Hickson,
along the banks of the Pascagoula
river in coastal Mississippi.
The two (hickson) said a UFO with blue lights
swooped down, making a zipping
Mr Hickson, then 42, said three
creatures took them by the forearms
and levitated them aboard the craft.
they were unconcious and later when they opened their eyes , something that looked like a
large floating eye appeared to
examine him.
They gave a thorough, I mean a
thorough, examination to me just
like any doctor would,” Mr Parker said ,
adding that he was conscious,
but paralysed.
And then the two were back on the
banks on the river and the UFO was
After Mr Hickson and Mr Parker
reported what happened, they drew
the nation’s attention – from UFO
enthusiasts to sceptics who
questioned their story.
The case went on to become one of
the most high-profile UFO stories in
American history.
It sparked hundreds of reports of
sightings, jokes and hoaxes – and
even some books.
Above all, it rekindled interest in a
subject that had first begun in the
1940s with an incident in New
Mexico in which UFO enthusiasts
believe the government got its
hands on a crashed spacecraft and
alien bodies.
The government has spent decades
denying it.

area 51 is rising again !!

as you all know about 1947 , area 51, roswell incident of ufo occurence became very popular .
and recently ..scientists were saying that their might be something which we dont know …..and had been kept  as a secret .

recently scientists said ” ufo or extraterrestial incidents at area 51 is not a fake  . They’re might be the connection with another planet by which we are able to see these real antique paranormal incidents . the planes which are floating on 60,000 feet is unbelievable , because till yet no planes were designed to fly approx that hieght there may be alien technology

now the question is  …. what is area 51 hiding ? do they really own alien technology ?.